CAS Fitness Classes

CAS Fitness runs Pilates and Aerobics classes in Hitchin, Letchworth and Pirton.  

Pilates 1-2-1’s, and post-natal sessions also available.  Contact for more details.  




Finding it hard to sleep?

Some nights I lie down and fall fast asleep.  Other nights my mind is racing and I just can’t settle.  On those nights I can lie in bed stressing and worrying about not getting enough rest for what feels like hours. A new study in the Journal of Experimental... read more

Reducing Migraines

Over the years I have suffered with headaches and migraines.  I hate them, they often make me sick, and it’s really hard to function properly.   As a result, I am really trying to get to the root of what causes them, to try and limit or hopefully stop them altogether.... read more

Time is precious, slow down!

I have always enjoyed being really busy, rushing around and trying to fit in as much as possible.   I like multi tasking.  If I have something cooking in the oven that takes 15 minutes I’m thinking, ok have I got time to quickly mow the front lawn, or sort the... read more

Why we all need to do Strength Exercises

I’ve just been reading an article from the Harvard medical school health publications*, and it reminded me again why we all need to do strength exercises.  It states that age- related muscle loss begins at around age 35  and progresses slowly at about 1% per year.... read more

My Top 5 Stretches

In my 20’s I thought stretching at the end of the class was a waste of time.  I’d push myself really hard in a lunchtime gym session or class, then skip the cool down and stretch, and head straight back to work.    I’d spend the afternoon sitting at my desk, and then... read more

How to Get Fit Fast

Did you watch Channel 4’s programme last week (7th Feb) “How to Get Fit Fast?”   A very easy watch, with some interesting information. Three key things I took from it were: Group exercise helps you to burn more calories, and increase endorphin levels... read more

Top Ten Tips to Starting Exercise

Here are my top ten tips to starting exercise… Start off slowly and gradually build up rather than trying to do too much too soon.  Just 15- 20 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every day will help you stay stronger and more mobile.   Listen to your body;... read more

Improve your Balance

Our body does an amazing balancing act, every day, without us even thinking about it. Our eyes, ears, brain, and muscles, work together to enable us to stay standing upright on two feet. Our eyes give us information about where we are in space (which is why it’s... read more

Top Tips on Press-Ups

One of my goals this year is to work on improving upper body strength.  For many women this is an area of weakness.     I hate press-ups, I find them tough, and therefore I tend to avoid them.     However, as I read more about diseases such osteoporosis I’m... read more

Top 5 Pilates moves to de-stress

Christmas can be a fun time, but also a really hectic season.  There is so much build up to the big day, lots of eating & drinking, family & friends, plus late nights, and although enjoyable after a while we can all start to feel a bit tense and frazzled.... read more

HIIT in Hitchin

Rather than spending hours in the gym, a quick session of interval training will really help to burn off those excess calories and improve your fitness and energy levels.  6 Benefits of interval-training  :  You can work at your own pace, push yourself to your limit... read more

Make exercise a priority

As we move into this new term, let’s start now and make exercise a priority in our lives.   Here’s a few reasons why … Exercising improves your memory, and also helps new skills stick longer. Processes that involved muscle memory, like playing the piano, were... read more

Summer Sessions

It’s been a great Summer Term, with loads of energy, new music, fun moves and inspiring people. Thank you to all who have come along and got involved!   Term Dates: The final sessions this term are Friday 17th July.   We start back on Monday 7th September... read more

…and Breathe

It might seem a crazy thing to tell people, but I’ve recently found myself saying in class, “ ..and breathe ”.  As we concentrate on a new move, or position, some of us have a tendency to hold our breath.   It’s important that we don’t hold our breath, particularly... read more

Exercise makes a difference

I’ve just read the headline in the Telegraph “Two thirds of deaths before the age of 75 in England could be avoided if the population adopted healthy diet and exercise habits……” The article goes on to say  “Each year, 150,000 people in England die... read more

Exercise Reduces Stress Levels

Most of us regularly talk about feeling stressed.   Even my 7 year old the other day said, “I can’t do my homework, I’m too stressed!”  It is usually when we feel we have too much to do, or other people are making unreasonable demands on us, or we are dealing with... read more

How to get more done…take a break!

I’ve just been reading an interesting blog post from ‘Desktime Insight’s’.  It stated an obvious fact, but one that’s good to be reminded of. “A person can’t be 100% productive all day. As much as you want to make the most of every minute, to get stuff... read more

Exercises to Avoid After Having a Baby

Being a new mum is exciting, but also a slightly overwhelming time.  There is very little, if any, time to focus on yourself.  Even having a quick shower can seem a challenge.  So if you do manage to grab 10mins to yourself,  it’s important to use that time... read more