Up until about 7 years ago I never really considered Pilates as a class I would want to attend regularly or teach.  I liked to focus on cardio classes, aerobics, circuits, dance, spin.  I felt that if I wasn’t sweating and leaping about, I wasn’t really working hard, and I was wasting my time.


However, some of my friends were trying Pilates and I could see a difference in them.  Their posture was changing, they were looking slimmer, less hunched, firmer around the waist, some even slightly taller?!  So I decided to give it a go.


My first discovery was that Pilates wasn’t the easy option I was expecting.  You work hard.  I also was shocked to find that although I was cardio fit, my core muscles were weak, and needed serious work!  It also highlighted how tight many of my muscles were, and how they desperately needed to be stretched and lengthened.  I also needed to relax and breathe!


One of the people in the class said to the instructor, “I’m broken and need fixing!”, and that kind of said it all.   We’ve all got areas in our bodies that need sorting out, and for me Pilates is helping to do that.


Whatever life stage you are at, Pilates can be beneficial.  It helps to improve posture, core strength, back strength, pelvic floor. It helps with balance and flexibility.  It can even help with your mental health, in a busy day when you slow down, focus on breathing and take a moment to relax.


I still love teaching aerobics, circuits and H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training), and the many health benefits they provide, but I also love Pilates, and how it complements and infact helps you work more effectively in these classes.


I like the fact that it helps you in everyday life.  If you’re gardening, shopping, wheeling the wheelie bin down the drive, carrying a baby’s car seat, better core strength makes these daily tasks safer and you are less likely to pull a muscle or injure yourself.


I would definitely recommend giving Pilates a try!