Rather than spending hours in the gym, a quick session of interval training will really help to burn off those excess calories and improve your fitness and energy levels. 

6 Benefits of interval-training  : 

  1. You can work at your own pace, push yourself to your limit
  2. It’s social, fun and interactive
  3. You can target specific muscle groups
  4. It ticks the 3 C’s: cardio, conditioning and core
  5. It eliminates boredom. You can change the exercises, intensity and speed session by session. Not only will your fitness program go by faster, but you won’t experience the drudgery that can come from doing the same routine
  6. No special equipment or skills needed!

If you want to give interval training a go, come along Wednesday evening’s 7.15pm, Samuel Lucas School Hall, Gaping Lane, Hitchin.

Expect a mix of cardiovascular & toning exercises, with a focus at the end on abdominals.  There are different levels provided, so suitable for fitness enthusiasts and beginners alike.

HIIT in Hitchin, give it a try!