After only 3 or 4 months doing Pilates with Caroline, my core is much stronger. If I engage my core before climbing the stairs, I no longer need to use my arms to support my weak knees.


Sue K

Friday Pilates

Caroline’s classes are great, I’d recommend them to anyone of any age or fitness, who wants to take up exercise that’s at their level in a  friendly and relaxed group.
Caroline is a fantastic teacher – she let’s you pick your own pace and level, and encourages you with her cheerful and relaxed manner.

Weds Fitblast, Hitchin

Pilates offers me the opportunity to improve my core strength which in turn underpins everything I do, whether it is domestic chores, other sports/ fitness related activities, or, frankly day to day living.  

I also believe that pilates has helped me have more stamina and because I consider my breathing more, I am less likely to hyper ventilate. In times of crisis i can use my breathing techniques to stay calm. With Pilates i find that Caroline’s descriptions perfectly sums up the actions we are working on, and those descriptions make the Pilates poses that much more easy to adopt accurately, without having to sit up and check what she is actually doing. So for someone ‘Visual’ like me it is a huge help.


Pilates, Hitchin

Caroline is a positive effectively efficient Sports instructor who engages all ages and gender into her classes.

She sets the classes to suite all abilities, with options of easy or hard and encourages us all to work at our own pace with options to improve out fitness in our own time.

Caroline is always happy and cheerful and her classes are a pleasure. No one need ever feel nervous about joining the group, Caroline makes it very welcoming.


Barbara, Weds Hitchin

I love the fact that when I arrive at Pilates I can’t reach down and touch my toes, but by the end of the 45minutes session I can!


Pilates, Hitchin

Tried the 10:45 class at Pirton for my first introduction Pilates. As a 70 something I was a bit concerned, but the instruction was clear, the pace was related to the class attendees and the whole experience left me feeling tired but more mobile than I have for some time. I’ll be back next week for sure.


Friday Pilates, Pirton

Having hit 40 it felt like time to take up some form of regular exercise. Everything I’d tried to do on my own got forgotten about when the weather got bad or I got bored.  A friend told me about Caroline’s classes
I was so nervous walking into my first class. I thought it would be non-stop, for really fit, young, beautiful people who knew all the moves and ran regular marathons.
Nothing could be further from the truth.  Caroline was so welcoming – and her friendly, gentle manner set me at ease.  She sets all the exercises so you work at your own level. She explains things clearly, and encourages you to do your best, without pushing yourself too far. It works for beginners like me, and for very fit people who want to push themselves.
There are a real mix of people in her classes – mostly women, but some men, and a range of ages from late teens to probably late sixties.  People are of all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness, and it’s all very relaxed. There’s no pressure to have the most fashionable sports wear.  No-one is looking at you – you just get on with your own exercises, and come away feeling like you’ve worked, but not over stretched, yourself and with a sense of having spent time with people who, like you, are just there to get some exercise and not to judge.

Weds Fit Blast, Hitchin

Thank you for being a great instructor, you have helped me enjoy fitness classes again and inspired me to enter the Hitchin 5K run.



Caroline pitches things perfectly for the children’s age and ability. All the children, including those with additional needs, look forward to their weekly sessions and are completely engaged throughout.


Kids Fitness, Highbury School Hitchin

Caroline’s sessions are well planned and she always liaises in advance to plan suitable themes and identify any particular needs that may need to be considered. She works effectively with a spread of age groups and enables all children to access activities at their level. Sessions are much enjoyed by all.


Kids Fitness, Highbury School Hitchin